Letter: Stop the depletion of the city’s water source

River water as drinking water? You think not? Well, let’s just keep going like we have been for the past 50 years, and we will be drinking Mississippi River water at double the cost of water from our present source.

The Baton Rouge Water Co. already has purchased a site on the river because they also think we will be drinking river water.

Industry in our area finds it a little cheaper to use our good drinking water for their industrial purposes, and they really don’t give a hoot that they are depleting our wonderful resource. The water table here has gone down about 250 feet in the past 50 years, and salt water is bleeding through the BR Fault into our drinking water aquifers.

They are using 80 million gallons of water daily from our drinking water sands, and that is the same amount that the approximately 400,000 folks in this area are drinking. Every industry south of us is using the river for their process water, because all groundwater south of here is salt water.

If we don’t stop the pillage of our drinking water, we will be doing the same — sooner than we think.

Industry has been generally good for folks here, but not good enough for us to have to lose the best drinking water in the country.

Wake up, folks, and beat up on your political representative and the governor to stop this madness.

J.H. Jenkins Jr.

retired contractor/civil engineer

Baton Rouge