Letter: Keep public servants on track

Considerations on the U.S. posture with Russia over current events in the Ukraine:

Our elected public servants have more international political and military intelligence than we the public. It is up to us the public to help keep our elected public servants focused on the long-term objectives for the total international community. We must remind our public servants of historical U.S. blunders that seemed good decisions at the time.

As much as we admired President Ronald Reagan for the nationalistic energy he radiated to all of us and his contribution to bringing democracy to the Soviet Union, we cannot allow our elected public servants to forget how the U.S. chose to train and arm Osama bin Laden and his Taliban with U.S. intelligence and military tactics against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

President Barack Obama was criticized for thinking out loud or waffling with the American public on the Syrian uprising. He initially suggested the U.S. support the Syrian rebels with U.S. military intelligence and military tactics against the Syrians, but later reconsidered so after recognizing the rebels were of the Taliban persuasion.

Instead of just championing or criticizing the U.S. administration’s position on matters such as the Russian involvement in the Ukraine, remind our elected public servants of misguided decisions in the past that did or could adversely affect the security to the United States and the international community at large. These reminders of lessons learned will better keep our elected public servants on track to making the correct long-term decision in America’s and the international community’s best interest.

Marc Samuels

project manager

Baton Rouge