Letter: Jindal wrong in trashing Carter

Our governor should try being a little like President Jimmy Carter. Our governor trashes President Carter.

President Carter is a man who defended his country during World War II by serving in the U.S. Navy, came home and returned to the business of being a Georgia farmer, served his state as governor and served his country as president during a time of turmoil just after the downfall of the Nixon monarchy.

He now serves his country and his state as a common citizen who has dedicated his life to the improvement of less fortunate people through such programs as Habitat for Humanity.

He has demonstrated his Christian faith, not through standing on the political stage and trying to convince everyone of his beliefs, but has demonstrated it through his soft-spoken everyday lifestyle. He teaches Sunday school.

If we could only be fortunate enough to have some quiet and dedicated Americans like President Carter running our country instead of people who spend their entire time trying to dismantle everything that was built to help the average American. How many of our current leaders have even had the courage to serve in the military that they are so ready to send into battle.

We should be so lucky to have another President Carter.

Richard Stagnoli

environmental health and safety officer