Letter: Audubon serves community well

Audubon Nature Institute’s millage comes up for renewal Saturday, March 15. This is not a new tax, but a renewal of an existing millage that has been in place for nearly 40 years. I wholeheartedly give my support to this renewal.

Audubon has been a source of pride for this community for decades, taking a run-down zoo and making it one of the best in the country, and transforming part of our downtown riverfront into a world-class aquarium and a beautiful public space.

Audubon is an exemplary community partner, welcoming hundreds of thousands of our underserved residents at free or reduced admission every year. Audubon also is committed to providing opportunities to economically disadvantaged businesses. The enduring contribution Audubon makes to the quality of life for our local families is immeasurable. The Audubon millage ensures that this kind of community support can continue.

It’s great to see Audubon rebuilding the Nature Center in New Orleans East. It’s a community resource that has been greatly missed since Hurricane Katrina. It will be a wonderful place for everyone to learn about nature.

I like what Audubon Nature Institute has done with my millage investment over the past 40 years. I’m confident Audubon will continue to make all of us proud.

Claude H. Reese

retired human resources director

New Orleans