Letter: Voter identification not a real problem

It still amazes me that there is still a great deal of hullabaloo with the voter identification law in order that a person may vote. Consider this: Identification must be presented in federal buildings, state buildings, city buildings, airports, banks and the list continues.

Dealing with one of the most inestimable rights, that of the right to vote, why would it not be required to make certain the person voting has this privilege?

Remember, many persons were denied this right and not because they did not have identification but because of the color of their skin.

This was changed and it was the right thing to do and those who had to fight for this right proudly displayed their voter registration card or identification in order that they could exercise this right.

Now, it seems, some lawmakers want to change this privilege and permit anyone to vote which, in my humble opinion, is a slap in the face to those who had to fight to achieve this right to vote and the right to possess a voter registration card, which was issued in the voter registration office at City Hall.

Because of the terrorism within the United States, the presentation of identification is a way of life, so why not with voting?

Gus Krinke

retired police officer