Letter: Limit congressional terms, how long they meet

Are you tired of politics and politicians in Washington running your life and not doing their business like balancing the budget? Let’s do something about it.

First is term limits. Let’s make three two-year terms the limit in the House of Representatives and two six-year terms the limit in the Senate.

Then make a person retiring from either house wait six years to run for either house after being term-limited out. They cannot work as lobbyists until out of elective office for six years also.

Next, let’s limit the convening of Congress to one six-month session per year and produce a balanced budget approved by the president. That means paying all members one half of their current pay and expenses. They will work for free if it takes longer than six months. Also limit their staffs to say six people for six months per year.

Now I know six months per year sounds like impossible, but Montana’s legislature meets 90 days every odd year and must produce a balanced and governor-approved budget.

You say Congress could not get anything else done. You are right, but that is the point.

Charles Barrow

chemical engineer

Baton Rouge