Letter: Daylight saving time should end

It was stated in 1967 the nation chose to implement the use of daylight saving time. Daylight saving time was supposed to save energy by allowing for an extra hour of daylight, thereby decreasing the use of electricity by delaying the time for use of artificial light by an hour.

The plan did not work. One only need to pull up to a gas pump and observe ever increasing prices to realize that we are not conserving energy.

Daylight saving time does have several negative effects. The negative effects of daylight saving time include the following:

The time changes around the same time that students and teachers embark upon high stakes testing. Their bodies have not made the proper adjustment and children are forced to take the test when they are often sleep-deprived.

It is dark when our most precious resource, the children, get on the bus. This creates a dangerous situation for children, bus drivers, teachers on duty and other travelers.

Studies show that lack of sleep can effect circadian rhythms and cause students to be less attentive, lethargic, irritable and display other negative behaviors.

Eating habits also are interrupted because of daylight saving time.

Journalists should conduct an “Opinion Survey Polls” or “You Decide Polls” on television (use online polls as well as other media sources) on whether people prefer Central Standard Time or daylight saving time, or as some people refer, “The Fast Time” or the “Old Time.”

I am speaking for quite a few people who hate daylight saving time. Some people have told me that they don’t ever change all their clocks; it is too much of a hassle.

Gov. Bobby Jindal and legislators: If you do not have time, or if you are afraid, or don’t care to address the issue, please put it on the ballot, and allow the fourth branch of government, the people, to decide this issue.

There are so many cuts in our state and nation until it seems that with daylight saving time, the state and federal government are even cutting back on rest time for people. Perhaps when the children become the leaders of tomorrow, they can bring common sense back to the issue of daylight saving time. Above all, no matter what man attempts to do, God is in control.

More so now than ever, because our children are losing an extra hour of valuable rest time, my prayers are with them, as well as with the parents, bus drivers, teachers and all components of the educational process. I pray that God will bless the efforts of the children and those who prepare them.

I am an advocate for children, the senior citizens, underprivileged and less fortunate, and I think daylight saving time does not benefit any of these groups. Most of all, I am a concerned citizen.

Earnestine D. Gordon