Our Views: From worse to worst

In the pursuit of emphasis, it’s perhaps unfair to hold Gov. Bobby Jindal to a mere chronological accuracy — particularly when he’s dishing out red meat to the conservative faithful.

Even the lamentable single term of President Jimmy Carter, Jindal said Thursday before a meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference, does not match the damage to the country since President Barack Obama has been in the White House.

“It is no longer fair to say he (Carter) was the worst president of this great country in my lifetime,” the governor said. “President Obama has proven me wrong.”

Jindal was only a small child when President Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace, so the over-the-top line should have probably been “in my adult lifetime.”

Even there, others might quibble — even if one shares, as we do, some differences with the current president’s policies. After all, Jindal was an adult when President Bill Clinton had his problems with veracity and scandal, but no one has ever accused Obama of similar indiscretions. And it earned Clinton an impeachment trial, something that is a pretty significant historical event, not matched in the Obama administration and not likely in the final two years of the current president’s term.

The governor isn’t even 50 years old yet, and perhaps there will be a few administrations ahead in which Jindal can identify history-making levels of presidential incompetence — or, presumably, do better in the Oval Office himself.

Worse than Nixon? We don’t think so.