Letter: Angola’s Alamo an inspiration

Congratulations to The Advocate for an inspiring article outlining the details of “The Alamo” chapel at Angola Prison.

The architecture and design of the front façade is breathtaking. What an inspiration to those in prison and those not imprisoned. This is a great depiction of what faith and persistence can do for the human spirit.

The coming together of such talented inmates and their construction schedule of 38 days of 12-hour shifts is a testimony of hope and encouragement they have experienced while incarcerated at Angola. You can do what you make up your mind to do, and this project is an perfect example of cooperation and determination.

We owe a tremendous amount of gratitude and recognition to Jorge Valdez and the late Fernando Garcia as primary donors and visionaries in supporting this project. “This is a place where you can come and forget about your life and your life sentence,” Mr. Valdez said.

It is also an acknowledgment of the exemplary leadership of Warden Burl Cain and another example of his belief in changing behavior, which also changes lives. I, as so many others, have the greatest respect for the transformation that has taken place at Angola under his term as warden of Angola.

His programs have changed the attitude and behavior of these men to help them break the “cycle of violence” in their lives and their families’ lives.

May God bless and encourage all these prisoners to be better human beings.


retired administration assistant