Letter: Bravo symphony, BR’s manners lacking

I vociferously echo the accolades in The Advocate regarding the exceptional performance of the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra and the exhilarating performance by their guest pianist, Lang Lang.

My concern was the boorish lack of performance etiquette by many in the audience. We came across as a backwoods town, not the capital city of a state, with inappropriate applause during movements of the sonata. Concert etiquette dictates no applause between movement sections of a symphony, concerto or sonata.

Hopefully, our education leaders will note the need for continued music education in our schools, which is imperative to perpetuate the decorum needed for an artistically savvy audience.

And while I am on my etiquette soapbox, I cannot ignore the blatant ineptitude of the governor in his recent White House visit. Protocol dictates an acceptable level of political and social etiquette by politicians, and he failed miserably. Once again he has embarrassed the state and only adds to his dismal approval rating — no example for our youth.


retired music educator

Baton Rouge