Letter: BR agency a federally certified recycler

In a recent Sunday Advocate story, the business section highlighted a Maryland electronic recycling firm that recycled computers and electronics for businesses and federal agencies, ensuring that all hard drives were destroyed or data erased to top standards.

Many readers will be happy to know just such an organization exists right here in Baton Rouge. As the only R2 certified recycler in the state (required by the federal government; see www.r2­solutions.org), the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council responsibly recycles electronics for businesses throughout the state. It also serves as a drop-off center for the community.

Data security is a top priority and must be done to the highest national standards to pass yearly audits.

Under R2, the CACRC follows strict environmental and safety guidelines and can track all electronic material that leaves our facility to end of life. Our clients include banks, hospitals, tech firms, federal agencies, attorney offices, chemical plants, etc.

In years past, the nonprofit CACRC responsibly recycled state equipment, but now all state equipment is sold at auction, where data security and environmental concerns may fall through the cracks, as suggested by a recent state Department of Environmental Quality report, a concern for citizens and lawmakers alike.

The CACRC takes recycling one step further than the Maryland firm in the article: We also refurbish equipment for low-income families, nonprofits, schools and senior citizens. Just this week we are donating 20 computer systems to Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

Please find out more about how to recycle your electronics responsibly at www.cacrc.com.

Nancy Jo Craig

executive director Capital Area Recycling Council

Baton Rouge