Letter: Mardi Gras safety rules working, but throwing bagged beads dangerous

My family appreciated some of the new Mardi Gras changes — the 6-foot ladder from the curb rule etc. But there needs to be one more change — float riders shouldn’t be able to throw bags of beads.

These packaged beads are missiles, and float riders can really hurl them — like baseballs. And they hurt! I can imagine how many swollen eyes, lumps on heads, smashed glasses there were going to be the day after Mardi Gras. I hope no one received a broken nose or worse — lost an eye.

We appreciate the beads; we really do. And we understand you’re excited to be on a float. But could you please take the time to open the package and “toss” them up in the air to us?

Several years ago, I believe the krewes stopped throwing those fake rose flowers with the long, wired stem, and now the Zulu coconuts are usually handed out, not thrown — good safety measures. But it’s time for float riders to quit raining bags of beads down onto paradegoers. Often the person hit is not even expecting it.

Harry Wadsworth

college adjunct instructor