Access for farmers market should be among priorities

Recently, I attempted to make my usual trip to the downtown farmers market in Baton Rouge. As is often the case, the way was blocked for some kind of event involving North Boulevard. Instead of letting people across to reach the area of the market, two police cars blocked each side of the street.

As all or most of the access to the north side of downtown appeared to be blocked, I simply went home.

The producers and vendors at the farmers market work incredibly hard and get up early to bring a stunning variety of fresh goods and produce to the people of Baton Rouge. Charity events, worthy as they may be, should not interfere with access to the market or other areas of downtown.

Certainly, it is easier simply to block the street than to get out of the car and provide traffic control, but a sizable portion of the population feel the negative consequences of this practice.

I urge the Baton Rouge Police Department and nonprofit organizations throughout the city to take this into consideration when formulating their plans and procedures.

Bill Huey


Baton Rouge