Letter: Acceptance right thing to do

A common refrain from some people when informed of initiatives like One Baton Rouge or the fairness ordinance passed (6-1) by the Shreveport City Council is that they are tired of giving special privileges to a minority group, privileges all of us already enjoy.

The LGBT movement is not about a group wanting special treatment; it is about people ostracized and marginalized, people who are a part of our society and want to be treated like everyone else. This is not about a conservative, white duck-guy’s freedom of speech or uber-Christian exclusionary paranoia; it is about a group of people consistently reviled, despised, spat upon, beaten, legislated against, locked out of hospitals, mocked and lynched.

A City Council resolution affirming LGBTs are an accepted part of Baton Rouge is the right thing to do. Now.

Greig Olivier


Baton Rouge