Letter: St. George opponents want to keep BR money together

I read with interest the front page article about some citizens joining to fight the new city of St. George. It is interesting that NOW they want to say we are “stronger together.” St. George people have been begging for representation and to get “something” for the money they pour in to the city of Baton Rouge. They asked repeatedly to get local schools and better facilities in their area. They were stopped each time. No one listened which caused this drive to form a new city.

Let me tell you how it looks to me: “We need you because we are afraid to lose your money. We don’t want to help you or represent you and we don’t care about you but we want your money and we want you to be quiet.” That is not Better Together!

I lived in Hickory Ridge for 30 years and fought each year to get local schooling for our children. I had to fight to get the school buses to even come into our neighborhood.

They wanted our children to troop down to Tiger Bend Road and face racing morning traffic waiting for the bus. We finally won that battle but that is just one example of how the St. George area has to fight for the simple things. I firmly believe that had Baton Rouge allowed St. George to have its own school district, this new city battle would not have begun.

More power to St. George for taking steps necessary to make their community better. Baton Rouge had its chances to “be better together.” They were not fair with St. George and they will now have to fight to keep St. George’s money while appearing to have St. George’s interest at heart. We all know it is about the money, not about the people of St. George.

Janelle Labbé

office manager