Letter: SU board needs change

As a former member of the Southern University Board of Supervisors, the most recent group of decisions sickens me. It is an affront to the very spirit of our institution. Dr. Llorens has led the campus with dignity and brought about an era of saneness to a campus stricken by perilous management decisions. Dr. Mason seems to be the common thread of this continued deleterious decision-making.

The whispers that alumni are hearing of an incompetent and unprepared vice chancellor taking the reins in an interim capacity is menacing.

Southern has allowed two unqualified vice chancellors to make unilateral decisions that have further put our institution at risk. The interim vice chancellor for student affairs and interim vice chancellor for enrollment management are a testimony to the sorts of decisions that seem to spread like a cancer from the fourth-floor president’s office.

Nepotism has run rampant in a school where board members’ sons and cousins are given outlandish salaries for positions where better-qualified candidates existed. The Southern University Board of Supervisors has created an oligarchy that threatens the very mission of our institution. It is with the aforementioned in mind that I challenge our governor and state senators to replace the two board members with terms ending in December. Their presence weakens our ability to move forward as an academic institution. I challenge the governor’s office to forget about campaign contributions and focus on righting the ship at this HBCU. We deserve better at Southern University. We must sweep out the nonsense, starting with the fourth floor.

Jamal Taylor