Letter: Word offensive, inappropriate

I was appalled this morning when I arrived at school and saw the headline on today’s front page — “Sodomy repeal effort stunted.”

Do you not know that hundreds of daily papers are delivered to area schools — including elementary and middle schools? How many children in elementary and middle school would you think know the meaning of the word “sodomy?” Not many.

As a teacher of 12- and 13-year-old middle school students, I do not want to be the one to explain what sodomy means. That’s a job for parents.

Such a front-page headline is totally uncalled for as well as being offensive.

My husband and I have been subscribers to Baton Rouge newspapers for more than 30 years. We subscribed to both newspapers before they were combined into one. I have always been very proud of our newspaper and found it to be very family-friendly.

However, since the recent sale by the Manships to Mr. Georges, our formerly wonderful paper has been on a downhill slide. Features that I looked forward to are gradually disappearing. More and more news from other cities — particularly Lafayette and New Orleans — is being added to our paper. It is no longer the Baton Rouge newspaper. I am very unhappy with this.

The Advocate, the editor, and John Georges all owe the readers of this newspaper an apology. I trust that I will never have to ask our school maintenance to move our newspapers from their spot in the library for all to see, to a spot on the floor behind the librarian’s desk so that young eyes will not see another inappropriate headline.

Why not put the conviction of Ray Nagin at the top? Is that not a much bigger story than repeal of a law?

Joanne Cowgill


Baton Rouge