Letter: Officials abandoned duties during Benghazi attack

Benghazi is the biggest dereliction of duty by a U.S. president, secretary of state (Hillary Clinton), secretary of defense (Leon Panetta), chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Martin Dempsey) and ambassador to the U.N. (Susan Rice).

All knew it was a terrorist attack. The president was notified while the attack was ongoing. The president instructed the defense secretary to take care of the situation. We do not know what the president did the remainder of the night: He has not been forthcoming. We do know the following morning, he went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs (Dempsey) forgot the code of West Point that states “will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.” He could have spoken up and set the record straight from the very beginning; he elected to remain a member of the team and be reappointed as chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Three days after the attack, the four dead Americans were returned to the United States. What is so sad is that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton continued lying to the grieving family members, and for the following two weeks to the American people.

Floyd J. Courtade

retired military