Letter: Juvenile justice system not doing criminals favors

This letter is in regard to the escalating murders of youths by youths and the handling of their cases in the juvenile “justice” system.

In 2012, my home was broken into and a pistol which was in a secured area was stolen. The pistol was used by a 16-year-old to shoot another juvenile. The perpetrator was found guilty of three felonies and recently sentenced to two years probation. His father felt that the perpetrator was handled too roughly by, and framed by, the police.

What the judge and the father have done is condemn this 16-year-old black male to either a future prison sentence in an adult facility or an early death at the hands of other criminals. May their conscience weigh heavily upon them when this occurs.

It is my understanding that the 16-year-old who was murdered by another recently was on probation from his participation in the robberies at LSU. Will the lessons never be learned?

Charles L. Mayeux

social worker

Baton Rouge