Letter: Fact-check service needed for upcoming elections

Reading Dennis Persica on Jan. 23 (Truth first casualty in war, politics), it occurred to me The Advocate could better serve its readers by establishing a fact-check service printed in the Sunday paper.

With important elections coming up in the next two years (and beyond), voters need an opportunity to reject negative campaigning. It is too much to hope politicians will refrain from using negative campaign ads.

The only goal for politicians is winning. As long as politicians and strategists believe negative campaigning works, they will continue to do it.

The Advocate could help voters wade through the muck that will surely be the 2014-15 election cycle. Providing a weekly fact-check service on campaign ads as they are released would not only help voters stay grounded in reality but would also inform voters as to which politicians are most careless with the facts and how often รข?” a good thing to know if you are going to elect someone to represent you.

There is no political bias in this suggestion; fact-check everyone running for office. It isn’t even necessary to acknowledge party affiliation.

Print bold headlines when someone tells a whopper. Keep a running score of who uses the most negative ads and how accurate/inaccurate those ads are. Eventually (it is to be hoped), campaigns will rein themselves in.

There has been much talk of the outside money that will be spent in Louisiana in the coming election. Most of that money will be spent trying to confuse voters. A fact-check service focused on state issues and state campaigns would be invaluable.

Paul Spillman

flooring salesman

St. Francisville