Letter: We can answer Hillary Clinton’s question

Hillary Clinton asked a congressional committee, “What’s the difference?” So far, they have failed to answer her. I believe she and the American public deserve an answer, and I think most of us can provide that answer:

“Ms. Clinton, as secretary of state, you were the supervisor of the embassies, and the ambassador and his staff. From the letters that you say you never read, they had many complaints, mostly about their safety and being left in their situation. A ‘situation’ which had caused the British Embassy and the Red Cross staff to leave that area months earlier.

“But, you indicate you knew nothing of this, despite many letters from the ambassador himself, and others on his staff.

“These letters and your inattention to them makes it obvious that your professions of great friendship with these people is a farce.

“The fact that you can ask the question, ‘What difference does it make?’ pretty well sums up your feeling regarding the lives of your subordinates.

“The ‘difference’ in this case was that of life or death! That this ‘difference’ is of so little interest to you, is because it was not your family, for surely you would know what all the upset was about were it your own daughter that was brutally murdered, while the president went about campaign fundraising. Surely, you would be aware of a ‘difference’ then?”

That’s the “difference” to four American families betrayed by uncaring executives.

Charles Allen

retired fisherman

Morgan City