Letter: Funds to protect, care for our soldiers comes first

All we hear and read concerning Fort Polk is the upgrading, the expansion of its acreage. Fort Polk is a fine training center now and has been since World War II. There has been 100 percent improvement in its overall structure since I arrived there in the early ’60s.

My thinking is of our soldiers only, not the economy. I have just heard again the TV spot of wanting our support (money) for our wounded warriors. I feel strongly our government needs to be more supportive of those now serving — also those that have served. There are too many who think of our military mostly as a machine — not as the flesh, the blood of a young person. These young people are all volunteers who serve and defend our freedom as an American. When they raise their hand and are sworn in, this is a verbal contract, and a part of this contract is to fight any enemy of our country, our America.

These days, it appears this contract to the soldier, our protection, is being broken when their pay is being reduced — also in not providing the proper, timely care later. How is it there seems to be plenty of funding (money) for more training land, but inefficient funding (money) for the sick and wounded from the battle?

Funding (money) also is being taken from the retired soldier from his pay and medical care that was also promised in his contract with our military. Military bases are not established to support the local communities. They always help, certainly, but their main purpose is to provide a proper training area for our armed forces.

I fully support our soldiers. Theirs is the blood, it is their life that is on the line, the point man in combat. Our fighting man is being overlooked these days because of politics.

We American should not be the policeman for the world. What is needed is to return to being the “lighthouse on the hill,” shining light of freedom for all to see and want to emulate, or be like our America, an example of working freedom.

This is a little of how I feel for our soldiers and our one and only, our United States of America.

Jack L. Daniels

former soldier