Letter: Replace Landrieu

I want to respond to the recent letter by Donna Klein published in The Advocate. Ms. Klein states that Sen. Mary Landrieu is doing more than criticizing: She is actively working to improve the law.

It is the law that is the problem. Let us remember that Sen. Landrieu was the critical vote to pass this law in the first place. Sen. Landrieu later “doubled down” and stated emphatically that she voted for the law and would do so again. The senator is now doing what politicians who vote for a political law that becomes unpopular with the citizens do — equivocate. The Affordable Care Act is not really about health care as much as it is for growing a bigger federal government to take over more and more of our everyday lives.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have Sen. Landrieu in their hip pocket. Not long ago, I watched Sen. Landrieu on the Senate floor waving her arms denying that the government has a spending problem. Really. The same talking points have been made by Reid and Pelosi.

Let’s be clear. Sen. Landrieu has been in the Senate long enough. The problems are not being addressed or solved — they just keep getting bigger. Sen. Landrieu should be replaced.

Ruben Ottenbacher

retired corporate benefits director

Baton Rouge