Letter: Use your vote; change Congress

I am so tired of hearing everyone talk about our “dysfunctional/do-nothing” Congress. Congress is doing exactly what the voters sent them there to do. Half is liberal while the other half is conservative; so a compromise is doing nothing. Who would create such an idiotic situation? Look in the mirror Louisiana; you are a prime example.

In the Senate, the voters in Louisiana have one conservative and one liberal, a Republican and a Democrat. What do you believe will be the outcome? We are going to win either way? Wrong! We are going to lose either way.

So, you want to change things in Congress? Make a choice. Either go liberal or go conservative, but do something different. Are you happy with our nation’s progress and believe our nation is on the right path? Send Mary Landrieu back to Congress and elect a Democrat to replace whoever takes over for David Vitter, if he leaves. Believe our nation has gone backward and is on the wrong path? Then replace Landrieu with a Republican in the upcoming elections.

But either way, the problem isn’t with Washington, the problem is with YOU, the fickle voter.

Tom Winn

retired business management manager

Baton Rouge