Letter: Jindal could find cuts in staff

Isn’t it amazing that after six years in office, our illustrious governor believes there is $500 million to be found and cut from the upcoming budget. What has he been doing for the past six years? If there is this much money lying around in the State Capitol, I think even our elementary legislators could find it.

They must really be dumb, since our governor needs to hire a company out of New York City, (please pronounce this like they do in the joke commercial) because that what this is, a big joke. Hey, Bobby, you’re making a fool out of yourself, and your staff is too stupid to tell you. Your newly hired company will surely come back and tell you to cut your highly overpaid staff. Please, don’t embarrass yourself and run for the presidency. You’re embarrassing our state enough.

Phil Totora Jr.

retired public works superintendent