Our Views: Snow justice, snow peace

Now that President Barack Obama has embraced the issue of income inequality, we suggest he advance snow inequality as another topic of debate.

The issue came to mind during the recent winter storm in south Louisiana, which brought light, fluffy snow to some areas and nothing but nasty sleet to others. That doesn’t seem fair to us.

Why, after all, should we tolerate a nation in which some folks get nature scenes that are worthy of a Christmas card and others merely get black ice? Surely, some form of snow redistribution seems in order.

Our sense of grievance will pass, we suspect, as warming weather puts the Polar Vortex of 2014 farther and farther into the rearview mirror. And let’s face it: Questions of snow deprivation probably won’t get much traction in the presidential primaries of Iowa, where white precipitation is almost as plentiful as corn and hogs.

But try explaining the hard realities of snow inequality to the south Louisiana child who’s been waiting for a winter wonderland and gets only a drab coating of ice across the driveway instead. The juvenile mind, already keen to every injustice both real and perceived, doesn’t take this kind of news very well.

Upon such disparities, revolutions are built, and we can already hear the rallying cry:

Snow justice. Snow peace.