Letter: Ads mislead on Landrieu’s stance

Non-stop media ads are criticizing Sen. Mary Landrieu for her support of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). These attacks are highly misleading. Sen. Landrieu has always maintained that ACA isn’t perfect and supported legislative changes to improve the law.

Sen. Landrieu deserves credit for the administrative “fix” to allow Louisianians to keep their insurance if they like their current coverage. After some Louisianians received cancellation notices because their coverage didn’t meet new benchmarks set by the law, Sen. Landrieu introduced legislation to allow people to keep their plans if they liked their current coverage. She publicly pressured the White House until a change was announced.

She also voted to get rid of 1099 reporting requirements for small businesses. She introduced bipartisan legislation to give states the option to come up with alternatives to ACA. She cosponsored legislation to make small business tax credits more readily available to help job creators insure their employees, and backed almost every bill that’s been introduced to improve the law.

Mary Landrieu is doing more than criticizing; she is actively working to improve the law.

Donna Klein

attorney and former registered nurse

New Orleans