Letter: Democrats misread insurance choice

Regarding Michael Hale’s recent letter to the editor, Mr. Hale is obviously a declared liberal who drinks the Democratic Kool-Aid that stifles one’s ability to act, think and decide what health care policy is best for them without the advice and consent of big government.

This is made clear by his assertion that millions of working individuals across America who selected, purchased and paid for the health care policy they wanted and could afford were actually purchasing something on the free market that was substandard. How did these millions of Americans find out that all this time insurance companies were fleecing them and selling them a substandard product? Why, this revelation came from Big Brother and the gang of Democrats we now know as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and even our own Mary Landrieu, whose motto was, “We have to pass the bill to find out what is in the bill.”

Here is a revelation for Mr. Hale and the gang of Democrats that voted for ACA: “Existing, Substandard Insurance Policies” is actually a euphemism for working Americans too stupid to know what is best for them. Now we are supposed to believe that under the brilliant leadership of this same group that got us into this ACA mess has suddenly had an epiphany. In a reversal of policy and executive fiat, to save face in the now-famous “If you like you policy, you can keep it” debacle, working-class Americans can keep their policies. Mr. Hale says the Democrats and Mary Landrieu see the problem and now want to fix. I have always heard that you cannot fix “stupid.” I rest my case.

Charles Watts

retired military

Baton Rouge