Letter: Lying no longer outrageous

Where is the outrage?

After the Benghazi attack, President Barack Obama said we wouldn’t tolerate terrorism, but carefully didn’t blame the attack on terrorists. On the Sunday talk shows, Susan Rice repeatedly said the attack was a spontaneous uprising caused by an offensive video.

Obama avoided news conferences at which he would be questioned about what he knew regarding the attack. It’s significant he has never been questioned about that. Instead he appeared on “The View” and the “David Letterman Show” and said it hadn’t been determined whether it was a terrorist attack or a spontaneous uprising. Before the U.N., he said it was an uprising caused by a video. At a ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base for the four people killed, Hillary Clinton shamefully spoke to the survivors about violence caused by a video.

It was all a lie, and they all knew it. Anyone who saw the first congressional hearing of State Department officials knew that was a lie. There was no spontaneous uprising. That lie fell apart when Condoleeza Rice’s “talking points” unraveled.

Why was there no outrage? Because the Obama-loving media ignored it. A stone wall was built around the subject by the administration. Obama dismissed attempts by a House committee to get the facts as a faux scandal.

When Clinton testified before a House committee and the questioning got close to the bone, she lost her cool and exclaimed: “What difference does it make?”

Obama lied because he had taken credit for putting an end to al-Qaida. He didn’t want the truth to come out right before the election that is was a terrorist attack. So it was falsely labeled a spontaneous uprising. President Richard Nixon was driven from office because he lied to us. Obama’s adoring media has ignored his lie.

Recent declassified testimony (something you will get from Fox News because the media has largely ignored it) makes it clear that the embassy was attacked by organized terrorists and that Obama and Clinton knew that from the very beginning.

To answer Clinton’s indignant question, the difference it made was that both she and Obama lied to the people as the election approached. The media wanted him to win and said nothing. It’s too late to do anything about Obama, but Hillary will be confronted with her lies as she makes her march toward the presidency. What will the media do? Probably nothing.

Where is the outrage that blatant, manipulative lies probably put Obama back in office? Where will be the outrage when those lies are ignored by the media in their adoration of Hillary?

What has this country come to? How much longer will we remain silent and accept the lies?

William Bonin


New Iberia