Letter: Abortion by numbers

In his well-written article in The Advocate (Jan. 19) regarding the recent 3,000-person-strong Life March to the State Capitol, Mark Hunter quoted the executive director of Louisiana Right to Life Federation as saying that “Every day in our state 22 unborn babies are denied the joys of life.” I would like to correct that number to 25 every day, and to expand a little on the matter to bring it closer to home, based on the latest, though still preliminary, statistics provided by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

During 2012, 9,225 abortions were reported to DHH, an increase of 270 (3 percent) over 2011. These were done primarily in Caddo (35 percent) and Orleans (22 percent) parishes, although East Baton Rouge Parish was a close third, with just under 20 percent reported. Moreover, abortions in EBR rose from 1,390 in 2011, to 1,772 in 2012, an increase of 27.5 percent! Given that, biologically and medically speaking, each of those aborted is unquestionably a young human, a lot of innocent human blood is shed annually in Louisiana! Most abortions are done by suction curettage, i.e. by cutting apart and suctioning out the pre-born baby, and about 1 percent of these are over 5 months of gestational age or older, i.e. after the baby has begun to move around in the womb. Nationally, just under a million abortions are now reported annually. Over 57 million pre-born human beings have been destroyed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 that mandated abortion on demand, until the day before birth, in all 50 states.

Why do we tolerate all this killing?

Dr. W.A. Krotoski

president The Hippocratic Resource

Baton Rouge