Our Views: Watch out for ice

Same song, second verse.

After the mammoth traffic jams and many accidents on the roads, including one that claimed the life of a man in Calcasieu Parish, we hope everyone in Louisiana has learned the virtues of home life during an ice storm.

The responsible thing to do is obey the warnings of public safety officials to avoid any unnecessary travel.

The high bridges across the Mississippi and Calcasieu rivers are obviously major choke points for statewide travel, but many other bridges and routes can be unsafe and may well be closed entirely.

A state Department of Transportation and Development spokesman, Rodney Mallet, made policy of the highway department clear: “We will continue to keep major corridors open as best we can. But when a road is unsafe, we are going to close it.”

That’s a completely sensible policy, and we urge motorists, if they have to be out, to obey signs and directions of public safety personnel. They are doing necessary jobs, in terrible conditions. The last thing our dedicated public servants need is some frustrated driver making a situation even more unsafe.

Keep warm. This, too, shall pass.