Letter: Mirabito’s CATS agenda questioned

CATS CEO Bob Mirabito is at it again, wasting taxpayer’s money.

Last year, he thought it was a good idea to spend tens of thousands of dollars in media advertising to announce to the public his plans to improve CATS with the arguably bogus tax money he was to receive. He claimed a legal right to waste that money and, in fact, got a federal match. I may be wrong, but the federal “match” is taxpayer money too, isn’t it Mr. Mirabito? So you wasted taxpayer money on the local and national level?

What benefit did taxpayers receive from this advertising expenditure?

Please, name one tangible result we got for our money.

Now, Mirabito has his tax money and wants to tell the public what a great job he is doing with it. Consistent with his poor decisions, he bought another round of media advertising, wasting taxpayer money again to tell us what a good steward he is with that money. Candidly, I doubt if he is going to convince anyone that his use of money that was won unethically, if not dishonestly is in the best interest of all the citizens in the city or parish.

Local officials, in a repeat performance of their poor judgment, put Mirabito in charge of an inherently bad operation. Then they give him additional millions of dollars to spend, apparently because he’s demonstrated what they deem as good management skill. With actions like this the steadily diminishing lack of confidence in government leadership is well deserved.

From what I’ve seen, it’s not management skill that’s in question, it’s character.

Tom Parsons


Baton Rouge