Letter: Be the fan who draws recruits

I have a strong connection to Baton Rouge and to LSU. I’ve been attending games since the Bert Jones days; fewer these days because I have to come so far but I still come. The pattern during all that time is this: If the game matters, the stands are packed; if it doesn’t, they are not. If the outcome of the game is decided early, there is a stadiumwide fire drill and it is half-empty by the end. If the outcome is in doubt and the game is important, the stadium really is Death Valley for the opponent.

If you have the good fortune to have tickets (which many cannot afford), then use them. Show up early, stay to the end and support your team.

I’m betting that we lose top-notch recruits who are influenced by the lack of fan commitment.

Think Pittsburgh or Green Bay: You can’t get a ticket to any game and the cities shut down during game time — every time. Be that fan.

A tremendous amount of coordination and effort (and outright suffering by the athletes) go into putting a top-notch team on the field. Take responsibility for your role in LSU football. Don’t give any recruit prospect any reason to doubt about playing (for you) in Tiger Stadium. Everything you do in that regard matters. Everything you don’t do matters much, much more.

Bruce Wilson

retired assistant police chief

Rochester, Pa.