Letter: Letter wrong on canceled policies

To anyone who has been paying the least bit of attention to the ups and downs of the Affordable Care Act startup, Ron Menville’s recent letter to the editor must have been very puzzling.

Menville says he will apologize to Sen. Mary Landrieu if she can get President Barack Obama to “make a TV spot” in support of her bill to allow folks with existing, substandard insurance policies to keep them.

If Menville had been reading The Advocate or watching anything other than Fox “News,” he would know the president has done better than that. When the unintended consequence of canceled policies occurred, several congressmen from both parties proposed bills that would allow folks to keep their old insurance — even if it does not comply with the standards of current law.

In response to public outcry, congressional pressure from Landrieu, among others, and to make sure that everyone has reliable, affordable health insurance, the president ordered Health and Human Services to change the rules.

There is actually a picture of a newspaper headline in the very ad that Menville is talking about that says “People now allowed to keep health care plans.” That was the result of both the president and congressmen such as Mary Landrieu seeing a problem and fixing it.

I assume Menville is a Republican, so I can understand why he doesn’t get the concept of fixing a problem instead of just trying to capitalize on it.

Michael Hale

IT consultant

Baton Rouge