Letter: Cassidy clear choice for Senate

As a practicing physician and native son, I urge the residents of Louisiana to focus on the 2014 election for the U.S. Senate. Our choice could not be clearer. We can re-elect Sen. Mary Landrieu and keep her in Washington, D.C., to continue her obedience to President Barack Obama’s liberal agenda, or we can elect Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy, of Baton Rouge, to help guide our country in a wiser direction.

Let’s be clear. The contrast between Landrieu and Cassidy is striking. Landrieu cast a crucial vote for the Affordable Care Act when failure to do so would have defeated the legislation. We must not allow her to sugarcoat that fact, and we must hold her accountable for her vote. The disaster which we all know the Affordable Care Act to be occurred on her watch with her hands on the wheel of the legislative process. Even worse, at a time when all polls in Louisiana showed a substantial majority of Louisiana residents were opposed to the Affordable Care Act, Landrieu chose to ignore the wishes of her constituency and align herself with the liberal agenda of the national Democratic Party.

And, to top it off, when given the opportunity to change her views on the wisdom of passing the Affordable Care Act in the first place, she clearly stated that she would vote the same way again if given the opportunity. By her own action and words, her position is clear.

Dr. Cassidy, on the other hand, takes a different approach to affordable access to health care. His commitment to community health care projects is extensive and includes the following examples:

1) Developed a public-private partnership to vaccinate 36,000 schoolchildren for hepatitis B;

2) Co-founded the Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic providing free care to the working uninsured;

3) Led a team in Baton Rouge which created a surge hospital to receive and treat evacuees after Katrina.

His philosophy about the role government should play in our health care system has been shaped by his personal experiences as a physician. This stands in contrast to Sen. Landrieu’s faith in big government bureaucracy.

Trusting in the collective wisdom of Louisiana citizens, I beseech you to carefully examine the candidates running. For me, the right choice is clear.

Daniel G. Dupree