Letter: Take psychological inventory before beginning diet

With the new year underway, lots of you will be heading to local gyms, changing your diets or buying the next miracle supplement to lose weight. And many will find short-term success. But why does the weight always seem to come back? And for some, why does each episode of weight loss seem to yo-yo back with a couple additional pounds? The variable many neglect is their emotional connection to food. Our cultural connection to food is so strong that it may come as a surprise that food is also an antidepressant.

When you begin your new “diet,” you’ll find that the hunger compounded with your current life stressors can really take its toll, especially when you’ve taken away your primary method of coping (the food).

In conjunction with your current method of weight loss, I encourage you to take a psychological inventory. Become more familiar with when you are eating more than normal and ask yourself how you are feeling emotionally. The more familiar you become with how your emotions impact you eating patterns, the easier it will be to make changes.

J. Casey Martin

licensed professional counselor