Letter: Maury Drummond made Kidd Veterans Memorial a reality

As The Advocate properly noted in its recent edition, Maury Drummond has retired as executive director of the USS Kidd Veterans Memorial & Museum after 22 years service. In my opinion, that was 22 years of dedicated and very successful service, which has meant a great deal to me personally. The Louisiana Naval War Commission, which runs the memorial and museum, has on two occasions honored my work in the past for the institution by naming me the “Father of the Kidd.”

I accept that nomenclature proudly, but quickly note, if I am its father, Maury is its stepfather. If I helped give it birth, he raised it from its infancy to maturity. And a great job he did.

In every worthwhile work there are those who initiate and then there are those who make it work. Maury took a fledgling exhibit and made it into one of the very best in the nation of its kind.

He made it an active part of our community creating economic, educational and quality of life value. The Kidd has become an important part of Baton Rouge. He took a vision and made it a reality. I thank him warmly and appreciatively for a job well done.

W. Henson Moore

former congressman

Baton Rouge