Letter: Landrieu’s ads not whole story

How dumb does Sen. Mary Landrieu think we are?

In addition to her “bringing home the bacon” ads, she says that she’s fighting to ensure that Obama keeps his oft-quoted promise that “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” She’s introduced legislation to force insurers to continue coverage for the millions whose plans have been canceled.

This bill is clearly illegal and won’t pass, but she’ll point to it and say “Mary is working for you.” She’s a little late to the party. She could have “worked for us” long ago, but didn’t.

In June 2010, regulations were issued that changed the Obamacare grandfather rules and made it clear that millions of people would lose their insurance plans. In September of that year, Sen. Enzi B. Michael of Wyoming introduced Senate Joint Resolution 39 to set aside those regulations and ensure that people with insurance could keep it, as promised by Obama.

Landrieu voted against it, and it failed to pass. She voted against that which she says she wants to do now because the heat is on.

Landrieu recently said, “I’m proud of my support for the Affordable Care Act, whether my opponents want to call it ACA or Obamacare, I voted for it. I’m glad I voted for it.”

She also stood on the Senate floor and said that her upcoming election should be a referendum on the vote on Obamacare, arrogantly saying to her fellow Democrats, “If they do not like it, they can unelect us. Believe me, they have a great chance because I am up for re-election right now.”

Repeat that to the voters now, Mary. Tell them that if they don’t like what you did, they can “unelect you.” Demonstrate to the voters the same bravado you exhibited to your fellow Democrats in the comfort of the Senate chamber. Don’t sugarcoat it. Tell them you’re proud of everything that you and your pals, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, did. Go down swinging.

William Bonin


New Iberia