Letter: Saying goodbye to WWL’s Frank Davis

Saying goodbye is never easy when it comes to a friend’s passing, and many viewers and listeners felt this way to someone who was an extended friend thanks to the common-man approach that Frank Davis brought over the decades to WWL radio and TV.

Frank Davis was truly the “poor man’s” Jim Metcalf. Mr. Metcalf worked for WWL-TV for most of the 1960s as a traditional news anchor and reporter who grew tired of mainstream news and in 1970 was given permission from WWL-TV station manager Phil Johnson to produce stories that dealt with the lighter side of life. Those features spawned “A Sunday Journal,” which ran from 1971 until his passing in 1977. Both men knew their audience.

Mr. Metcalf conveyed his points through poetry and verse, Mr. Davis through colorful expressions deeply rooted in New Orleans culture.

Frank’s presence in local broadcasting will likely bring a lot of smiles for the foreseeable future for many feel privileged to have watched someone who brought endless variety to the small screen. It was tough enough when he elected to retire from TV in December 2011, but now it’s really tough to close the final chapter of a life filled with the personification of what living is all about. Godspeed, my good man, until we meet again.

William Taylor