Letter: What taxes do I really want to pay?

Tax: Everyone pay for what they need. That sounds like common sense, right?

I have heard and read the common outcry about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the burden it has placed on middle class people and the idea that it is socialized medical care and will damage the country if it remains in effect. Let’s face it: When the tea party extortionists will shut down the government before they will have this inflicted on the nation it must be bad, right?

If this terrible “socialist” law — it is a law, you know — is worth turning our nation into a deadbeat country by not paying for what we want and have bought, then I think we should look at some of the other charges that the government has inflicted on us poor and overburdened public.

I got my tax bill in, paid it, after reading it and listening to my U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy rail against paying our bills. He voted to shut down the government rather than pay our debt for stuff we had already bought. You need to remember that.

I took a good look at the taxes I had just paid and thought, wait a minute, let’s apply the tea party rule: If “you” don’t want it, you should not have to pay for it. …You should only pay for what “you personally” get when “you personally” get it. To hell with our fellow man.

Let’s use the tax bill I received from Livingston Parish for a piece of land I own south of French Settlement.

Keep in mind that I don’t now and never have lived in Livingston Parish and have no family living there.

My tax bill contained 17 different taxes, which had a total cost of $194.63. Five were for schools. Now, I like schools as I went to one at one time. However. At 70 years old, I doubt I will be enrolling in the near future. So let’s take those off. Next, Fire District: $23.41. My land is in the swamp and a fire would probably do it some good, so let’s not pay this one. Next: Law enforcement, two taxes ($19.11+$18.15) for a total of $37.26. Let’s pay one, in case someone steals a tree or some mud. Back to a total of $19.11. Next: Library, $18.92. Who thinks I am going to go to Livingston to read a book or research something? Let’s not pay that. Next: Council On Aging. $3.26. At my age, I might better pay that. Next: Juvenile Detention, $4.73. Take care of your own kids; I paid for the Council On Aging. Next: Road maintenance. $8.60 I have a road by my land, so we’ll pay that one. Next: Parish $3.99. All it said was “Parish;” I don’t want to pay this. Health Unit, $7.84. If I get snake-bit, they will send me to Baton Rouge, and I have had all my shots, so I don’t need to pay that one. Next: Assessors Tax, two taxes, ($11.21+$3.44), for a total of $14.65. Why do I need two assessors for one piece of property? In the reasoning of the tea party, I should pay for only one, the $3.44. All I need.

As I said earlier, I do not live in Livingston Parish. Although I like the parish, I have never lived there, have no immediate intentions of living there and they won’t let me vote there. By my count, using the tea party reasoning, my bill should only be $33.45 for a saving of $161.18. If I were a nut case, I would join the tea party. However, Daddy taught me better.

I will pay my taxes and not complain, as I know that the services will make the parish a better place for the people who live there and will, in turn, help my fellowman and myself. Both inside and out, we will be better, said my Daddy, and I still believe him.

Also, I would like to compliment Michael Hale for the letter in the paper Dec.11. It was the most true and honest one I have seen in a long time.

This is the greatest nation in the world, and we made it together, and we are in it together.

Carl Ray Crain

retired electrician

Baton Rouge