Letter: Robertson’s sentiment deserves disapproval

What’s the big deal with the recent ado concerning Phil Robertson, of “Duck Dynasty” fame? And why are people critical of Louisiana politicians such as Bobby Jindal, David Vitter and Jay Dardenne, among others, who seem to be in tacit agreement with Mr. Robertson’s remarks regarding all the happy black people in pre-civil rights America? These black folk were always happy.

In the beginning, they were thrilled to get on the slave ships; after all, it was a free trip to America. They were thrilled to be on the sales block, thrilled to be under the whip, thrilled to witness the disparity between themselves and their owners. They were so thrilled at all their potential on the plantation that none of them would even consider running away.

As time passed, they remained happy with their disenfranchisement from American life. Back-door restaurant service, separate restrooms and all the other aspects of a segregated society were happy times, indeed, for black folks.

They were so happy that they didn’t have to take to the streets in both peaceful and violent demonstrations to seek equality.

Yes, it boggles my mind as to why people are so upset with the comments made by Mr. Robertson. But even more boggling to me is why haven’t our political leaders (see the above group of yahoos I mention) come out and said they do not support the nature of his comments?

William Faulk

retired oilman

Baton Rouge