Letter: BR home to the most discourteous drivers

I wasn’t surprised when reading the article, “Congratulations Louisianans, you’re the worst drivers in America” found on NBCNews.com. It’s not a surprise if you have ever experienced the horrible traffic conditions at the intersection of Perkins Road and Bluebonnet Boulevard, mostly during the weekday afternoons.

I would also vote that Baton Rouge drivers are the most discourteous drivers as well. It is a mystery to me that nothing has been done in the last couple of years to alleviate the traffic congestion that results when drivers in the turning lanes on Perkins Road headed toward the Mall of Louisiana block all three lanes of traffic on Perkins Road that are either heading west down Bluebonnet or attempting to turn onto Bluebonnet headed toward the mall.

Today, again, I had to sit through two complete light cycles in order to proceed across Bluebonnet headed toward Essen Lane.

Drivers think nothing of blocking this intersection knowing full well that their cars will not clear the intersection when the signal changes.

I do not know the solution to this problem which occurs throughout the year, but is worse during the holiday seasons; however, I suspect it is a light synchronization issue.

If a traffic camera was placed at this intersection, the city-parish would make a substantial amount of money from the collected fines by the people who consistently disobey this law.

Patricia C. Pittman

registered nurse

Baton Rouge