Letter: Humility fails pope

Pope Francis is a man who, from what I read, is indeed a humble man. As a Christian, this is good, but as a pope, it can be a fault.

A pope is required to be a leader, and as a leader, his job, like that of any other leader, is to direct his people to do what is best for them.

A football coach would be useless were he to simply try to get along with the boys and let them follow any course of action that they might wish. His job is to get them to follow training and exercises that often make him unpopular with the team but can make them stronger as a team. That is his job.

So too, does the pope have a job. It is to be humble before God, but it is not to tell his flock that he is unable to tell them what is right or wrong. That is his job. His code of rules is the Bible and the rules of the faith. If he is unable, or unwilling, to preach the doctrine of the church because it may make him unpopular with some people, then he should step down.

The people need direction, and that is what leaders are for, whether they are popes, coaches, generals or presidents. It is their job to be leaders when leading is unpopular and when the team really would rather sleep in.

It is his job to prepare his flock to stand before God, not to win a popularity contest among the sheep.

Charles Allen

retired fisherman

Morgan City