Letters: The shutdown was Obama’s

In the guise of commentary, Jordan Blum gives Mary Landrieu a gratuitous repeat of a dishonest statement. The Democrats chant that the Republican conservatives and Congressman Bill Cassidy, in particular, “voted to shut down the government.”

This is the perpetuation of a lie. Clearly it was President Barack Obama who threatened to “shut down the government” if he did not get 100 percent of what he wanted. Many members of the U.S. House of Representatives exercised their constitutional prerogative to vote against funding “Obamacare.”

Then it was Obama who carried through on his threat: He did not get all that he wanted so he shut down portions of the government — national parks, visitor sites, veterans’ burials, etc.

And here we have the chief of The Advocate’s Washington bureau perpetuating the lie by printing the false statement that Cassidy “voted to shut down the government.” The truth is that the partial government shutdown was ordered by Mary Landrieu’s instructor, Barack H. Obama.

Richard T. Regan

retired attorney