Letter: Letter writer wrong; Cooper didn’t favor switch

On Dec. 16, The Advocate published a letter submitted by attorney Pat Briney. In this letter, he criticized “(Lafayette Parish School Superintendent) Dr. (Pat) Cooper’s handling of the selection of a third party administrator (TPA) for the system’s group health plan.” While I agree that the most recent attempt to change the plan’s TPA was a fiasco, neither Dr. Cooper nor the administration favored the proposed change. In fact, Dr. Cooper and the administrators responsible for overseeing the group health plan (including myself) were cut out of the selection process. Driving this process was a consultant who the School Board selected with no input from Dr. Cooper, his staff, or the Employee Insurance Advisory Committee (for a list of members, visit www.lpssonline.com/insurance), all of whom normally work together with the School Board to plan and implement changes to the group health plan.

Anyone who works with Superintendent Cooper on a day-to-day basis as I do can attest that he is a leader who seeks input from others and works every day to improve the educational opportunities for and the delivery of education to our students. I have worked for seven superintendents. While one or two may have cared as much about children as Dr. Cooper does, no one has ever cared more for our children than he does.

Ramona Bernard

director of risk management, Lafayette Parish school system