Letter: Southeastern pride shows in community

In my nearly 30 years at Southeastern Louisiana University, I have never witnessed such tremendous collective pride by our university and community. This football season’s success represents the excellence SLU enables in its students and in this region. Our team demonstrated that hard work and commitment bring out the best in us all.

When the last few seconds ticked down in the quarterfinal playoff game between our Southeastern Lions and the University of New Hampshire Wildcats, giving UNH a narrow victory, the disappointment was palpable in Strawberry Stadium as the realization set in that this historic season was ending.

However, that emotion quickly gave way to one of extreme pride in our players, coaches and program for a season of remarkable success, including playoff games right here in Strawberry Stadium.

Even before the game started, I was proud of the accomplishments of those members of the team who received their degrees earlier in the day. Their achievements in the classroom, in the community, and in competition set an exemplary standard for all future student-athletes and students.

With all of the many things that this successful season represents, one of the most important is a very tangible example for all of us of what we can corroboratively accomplish when we come together.

I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to everyone for the extraordinary support shown for the Lions and Southeastern.

Lion Up!

John Crain

president, Southeastern Louisiana University