Our Views: Phil’s show, in poor taste

Just in time for Christmas, it’s Duck Dynasty against the liberal left!

Are we the only ones who find this little controversy more than a little pointless? A reality star from our state made some offensive remarks in an interview; it’s another Phil Robertson episode of the show, only in print, not the show’s usual gentle display of piety and pranks.

That Robertson should be suspended by the A&E network, because his comments are bad for business, is as commercial a decision as GQ seeking an interview, and Robertson agreeing to it.

That politicians such as Gov. Bobby Jindal get some ink out of denouncing the network — well, commercial isn’t the word, but self-serving is.

This is not about God but man, in all his bearded and entertaining and less-than-perfect grasp of the reality of life in Louisiana in his own childhood.

Celebrity should not be mistaken for authority: If Robertson really believes that black people were blissfully happy in his youth, despite the manifest discrimination against them, he is wrong. But that doesn’t rise to the level of a federal case.

If the network has a right to make a business decision, we cannot disagree, but we wonder whether this is being taken out of proportion by the studio execs. It’s not as if they hired a West Monroe duck-call manufacturer for liberal commentary.