Letter: Glover verdict a setback

I write this as a police supporter, anti-crime activist and not a member of what I call “ pro-crime activists” often blaming cops for everything under the sun.

That said, I must join liberals here and abroad in denouncing the overt racism of the local federal bench in finding any possible reason to exonerate officers involved in the Henry Glover and related civil rights cases arising from Katrina.

Young black children will take these antics as yet another excuse to not obey the law; to hate police and engage in future self-destructive acts.

Thank Yahweh these judges weren’t on the bench when school desegregation and overturning bigoted jurisprudence came before the docket.

As a conservative, I see such judicial Jim Crow setting the clock of individual liberty and race relations in Orleans Parish further back toward the bad ol’ days.

Nadra Enzi

anti-crime activist

New Orleans