Our Views: Good choice in Port Allen

We applaud Gov. Bobby Jindal’s choice of Lynn Robertson as the interim mayor of Port Allen and hope that her short return to the office will help stabilize the government of that community.

The recall election of this year ousted Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter after 11 tumultuous months. Robertson, who was mayor from 1993 to 2004, is a steady hand for the small city, which made statewide headlines of the bad kind during Slaughter’s term.

Jindal, as required by law, made the Robertson appointment after the City Council could not agree on a replacement for Slaughter. That hesitation in itself is not a good sign, but Robertson is likely to command enough support for her interim task, which is in large part bringing the council with her to administer city government.

For all the need to pass a budget and deal with other practical issues, we are heartened that Robertson will seek to heal the city’s wounds in a more general sense of coming together. A new mayor will be elected in May. Robertson seems an excellent appointment to set the stage for progress instead of division until that time.