Letter: Illegal immigrants not good ingredient in Louisiana’s gumbo

Pastor Wade Moody makes several troubling statements in his column which might lead readers to believe he supports completely open borders for anyone who wishes to enter this country. Hopefully this is not the case.

He stated the 22 illegal immigrants arrested by immigration agents in the last month were symptoms of a “broken” system, but he does not make a single statement as to why they should not have been arrested. Rather, he continues with an attempted emotional plea trying to tie jazz, Tabasco sauce, the Saints and French Quarter to an immigration gumbo. It’s OK, but obviously the good pastor is not from Louisiana. Illegal immigration creates another type of gumbo for New Orleans’ legal immigrants and citizens, which is made of lost jobs, unreported crime, shifting tax burdens and black markets.

A good gumbo cook is always looking for new items to add, but it’s never wise to add foreign ingredients whose source is unknown and untested. Legal immigrants come to this country through an orderly process which ensures the safety of others and that the gumbo will not be soured. Once gumbo has been ruined, there’s no going back.

Pastor Moody goes on to invoke God’s love of all people and Christian values as reasons to forget about the laws illegal immigrants have broken, rather than punishment there should be reward. He goes further, being so bold as to say, “I have found that most of our immigrant neighbors want to reside in accordance with the law of the land.”

The use of the word “most” is troubling, but obviously no illegal wants to live by current law; they want to be rewarded for their persistence in breaking the law. Which brings us back to the 22 arrested; ICE officials have clearly stated that those most subject to arrest are the repeat offenders or those guilty of other crimes. I wholeheartedly disagree with Pastor Moody; within the framework of the U.S. Constitution, our nation’s laws must work in the best interests of American citizens and no one else.

John Roberts